Congratulations to all our clients on coming New Year🎄

Congratulations to all our clients on coming New Year🎄

Some are preparing presents for their families and friends, some may be doing last minute shopping, some are already chilling, and some still try to finish all projects before New  Year. 

We wish you lots of interesting projects, awesome clients, and great paychecks. In our turn we are always ready to help with high quality render to guarantee in-time delivery.

Hope, that 2019 was remembered by only successful projects. We have something to remember also. We constantly improve our service, so let’s remember the most remarkable changes:

  • 5x RTX 2080Ti server has been added to our farm and we plan to x3 the number of those servers next year! Reminder: you can rent it for 3 days and more or use hourly render.
  • One of the most long-awaited updates – realtime preview. 3DsMax users have already appreciated the opportunity to view an intermediate result before the completion of render. 
  • Added the job submission in AnimaManager. Submit a new job in AnimaManager without installing plugins. Click on the “Start Render” button and upload the project following the instruction.
  • Added a progress bar in the job list. It shows the number of rendered frames in animation. Click on it and you will see the completed images.
  • Added the opportunity to render multiple cameras in 3Ds Max at once.

5530cookie-checkCongratulations to all our clients on coming New Year🎄