Digest. August 2020

Digest. August 2020

Summer is over and we are ready to share with you the most significant updates on the farm. Read more details below:

File manager:

  • The interface was improved.
  • Added search by files and directories
  • Added the ability to upload multiple files at the same time.
  • Added the ability to upload files using Google Drive.
  • Added the ability to download directories.
  • Added renaming files and directories function.
  • Added deleting directories function.

Release of plugin for Cinema 4D 2.0.17:

  • Added a version in the plugin.
  • Added the “Render on 1 server” button in your personal account on the site. This function is useful while using particles.
  • Added the X-Particles selection button. No longer have to write to the support, because the job is automatically sent to the server with the plugin.

Software updates:

  • Redshift 3.0.24
  • Octane 2020.1.5
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