Digest. July 2020

Digest. July 2020

Summer is not the time for rest. Improved AnimaManager app and personal account on the website, updated software and plugins. Read more details below:

AnimaManager 2.1.20 release:

  • Release of Maya plugin! Submission of new renders in 1 click directly from the software is available for Maya now. You no longer have to collect archives according to the instruction, upload them on the farm – the plugin will do that for you. Download AnimaManager by clicking the link and install the plugin.
  • Improved interface of preview in AnimaManager. Now it’s automatically updated every 60 sec.
  • Added selection of format for Houdini.

Release of plugin for 3ds Max 2.0.22:

  • Parsing of alpha channel. We removed automatic activation of alpha channel on the farm in order to avoid any mistakes. Now the Information about the settings is parsed from the scene file. 
  • Added parsing of presets for batch render.
  • Added .vrimg format. 
  • Added logging in the plugin.


  • Improved an interface of expenses and payment history.
  • Added  .vrimg format.
  • Updated interface of preview. Now it’s automatically updated every 60 sec.
  • Added automatic mode for GPU jobs in Octane Maya, Octane Houdini in the personal account.
  • Added the support of Octane passes


  • Houdini 18
  • Blender 2.83.1


  • HtoA 5.3.0
  • C4DtoA 3.0.3.
  • V-Ray 4.30.01 (Maya)
  • V-Ray 4.30.02 Next (3ds Max)
  • Octane 2020.1.3
  • Redshift 3.0.22


  • Forest Pack Pro v.6.3.1
  • PhoenixFD adv 4.20.00
  • FumeFX 5.0.6
  • GorillaCam v1.014 (R16-R20)
  • GorillaCam v1.0151( R21)
  • FumeFX 5.0.2
  • RealFlow
  • Universe 3.2.3
  • Red Giant VFX Suite 1.5.1
  • Reeper 2.07
  • Forester
  • Magic snow 1.02
  • Grass Kit 4.5
  • AXYZ Anima 4.0.3
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