Digest|November 2019

Digest|November 2019
  • Added Cinebench calculation of the project cost

It’s possible to estimate price of project and time of render not only on a configuration of the processor. Test it with Cinebench. Link is located in the calculator.

  •  Added AnyDesk support

Want to get access to server remotely? Now not only VNC Viewer is available. Try AnyDesk.

  • AutoSave Scene

If you send a job from 3Ds Max using our plugin, the scene will be saved automatically.

  • AutoCorrect symbols in camera names

No more errors in rendering due to unsupported symbols in the name of the camera, such as $, # and spaces. Autocorrect will fix them.

  • After Effects is updated to 2019
  • Cinema 4D R21 is added for CPU
  • Corona for Cinema 4D is updated to 4 Hotfix 3
  • Corona is updated to 5 for 3Ds Max
  • Forest pack is updated to 6.2.2 version on all 3ds Max versions
  • Added HDRI Link 1.051 for Cinema 4D R20 and R21
  • Signal 1.522 is installed on R20 and 21
  • tyFlow 0.16019 is installed on 3ds Max 2017 and 2018
  • trFlow 0.16059 is installed on 3ds Max 2019 and 2020
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