Hyperrealism from Disney

Hyperrealism from Disney

We all love Disney, there’s no denying it. Each of us, for sure, has a favorite cartoon. And how great it would be to go back to childhood and watch old stories once again. And wow, our wishes have started to come true. Remakes present to us this chance. Armed with the latest VFX developments, they began to create. “Beauty and the Beast”, “Jungle Book”, “Aladdin”, “The Lion King”, etc. Looks like attempt to return the success of 20th century. 

And, just recently, we received the news about the new project. Riding the wave of the success after “The Lion King” they decided to go further. The choice fell on “Bambi”. And very soon we will see on the screen  not a cute fawn. It’s going to be a natural deer, like from wildlife documentary. 

A survey in our Instagram  showed that most of our followers  want to see a more familiar, cartoonish characters. There are lots of fan arts based on new “The Lion King”. No, in any case we don’t want to belittle the merits of VFX studios. The technical side of the project was made perfectly. The realism of the film is on the highest level. But is it really necessary?

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