The Addams Family from the 21 century

The Addams Family from the 21 century

“From the round Uncle Fester to the glamorous but almost skeletal Morticia, we needed to take into account each individual’s skin tone, shape and personality, making sure that the lighting was always sensitive to each character’s individuality and look,” said the head of lighting Laura Brousseau.

The Addams Family created by Charles Addams in the 20th century, implemented in several TV series, films and cartoons, will return in 3D format in the 21st century.

The film was created by Cinesite Studio (Vancouver, Montreal).  Lots of assets and the initial lookdev In Montreal were made, and then that was transferred to Vancouver. The Studio had a task to transfer 2D characters in 3D, without losing their recognition. It was quite difficult to adapt some details, for example, the unnatural thinness of Morticia, or rather, the lighting of her figure. Style Noir proved the most winning, moreover it was earlier used in the movie with Anjelica Houston, who played Morticia.

Taking into account the huge amount of work, the studio found a way to save time on rendering. It was decided to use Katana for rendering right in the studio to let the artists focus on working out the frames and save their time on troubleshooting.

The Addams family was a great opportunity for Cinesite artists to show what they can. The Studio has advanced in animation, in addition to the already existing successes in VFX. Previously, the work was limited only to special effects, now they have done everything from setting the light to the final render.

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