The new bonus program of Animarender!

The new bonus program of Animarender!

Dear customers!

We are happy to offer additional bonuses to loyal clients of our company who use our services regularly, even for small amounts.

Now you can get a subscription to our internal currency AnimaPoints (AP) for any amount from $5 and receive AnimaPoints with an additional cumulative bonus every month. From the second month after signing up, you will receive 10% AP plus to the standard conditions of the bonus policy and every month the bonus for subscription will grow until it reaches a maximum of 60% in total.

You can subscribe at any time in your account on the Balance page. On the Subscription page, you will find a calculator that will help you to calculate your benefit, examples of how it works and additional information on changing and canceling your subscription to the AP.

Basic terms

  • At this stage, the subscription is currently only available through PayPal. (credit cards will be added later)
  • You can choose any subscription amount, but not less than $5.
  • In addition to the current subscription, one can recharge according to the usual rules at any time.
  • The total amount of bonus points for a subscription and a regular bonus program could reach 60% in total.
  • The subscription bonus is 10% from the second month and then increases by 5% monthly.
  • If necessary, the subscription amount can be increased while retaining the accumulated bonus. (detailed conditions on the Subscription page)

We will offer an increased bonus of 15% starting from the second month the first 10 customers who get a subscription.


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