VFX rejuvenation in the “It 2”

VFX rejuvenation in the “It 2”

Back in 1986, the world first met the clown Pennywise and seven teenagers from a small, provincial town of Derry. This story could be left to live in the film adaptation of the late 20th century and on the pages of the book, if it was not for the trending remakes.

“It Chapter 2” will be released on September, 5. Pennywise and grown-up club of losers, after 27 years will meet again in the town of Derry. But after watching the movie trailer, you can notice a couple of very interesting shots, interesting from the technical part. These are scenes with memories. 2 years have passed since the first movie was released, the actors have grown, but on the screen they are all the same.

Lola VFX is a studio that knows the secret of eternal youth. It is thanks to them that the club of losers on the screen has not grown up a bit. By the way, the younger Benjamin Button is also their handiwork.

The rejuvenation process resembles photography. The task is to photograph the face, facial expressions of the actor from different angles, in static and in motion. After applying cg effects, the rejuvenated face “returns” to the actor.

And it’s not far off the time when the roles of teenagers will go to the actors 50+. Though, I would like to see a younger Johnny Depp, that would be interesting. What do you think?

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