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AnimaPlugin - our plugin which automatically assembles a scene and allows you to start rendering on our farm directly from After Effects

1. Our plugin is intended to automate sending tasks for rendering directly from Adobe After Effects!

The plugin helps:

  • Warn if compositions have been added to the Render Queue;
  • Warn if the Skip existing files option is enabled, if the Module output has a "Sequence" output format;
  • Send your scene to a render/Demorender.

By clicking on the "Download plugin" button on the "AnimaPlugins" tab, the manager will determine the location of your AE and download our plugin to the desired folder.

The plugin requires running AnimaManager.

2. Access to plugin

The plugin creates folders in the temporary folder and saves the scene files, therefore, you need to allow the plugin to create and save files: Edit -> Preferences -> General -> Allow scripts to write files and network

After installation, the plugin will be available in the menu File -> Scripts -> AnimaPluginsAE.jsxbin

3. Plugin Interface

The plugin has a clear and simple graphic interface.

  • 1. The language selection field
  • 2. Sending option to demo render
  • 3. Information window
  • 4. "Render" button for scene validation and sending
4. Render settings

Render sends those compositions that have the status Queued (1) in the Render Queue and are ticked (2) in Current Render menu

5. Render settings

The range of frames is taken based on the settings of the Work Area element on the Timeline of the corresponding composition

6. The scene is sent to render

If the scene settings are correct, then by pressing the Render button, the scene will be compiled in a way similar to the standard AE scene collector (Dependencies -> Collect Files)

The scene is copied to a temporary folder in ANIMATMP environment variable that you specified in AnimaManager, after, AnimaManager archives the scene, sends it to our FTP and sets the task to render.

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