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AnimaManager - application that significantly simplifies workflow with our render farm. Using AnimaManager, you can monitor status of your jobs, stop/ start render, and install automatic plugins for various modelling software. AnimaPlugin (for 3Ds Max, Сinema 4D) is a plugin that automatically assembles a scene and allows you to start rendering on our farm directly from the modeling software.

No longer need to assemble the scene, upload it to the website and start rendering via your personal account, all the work with our farm is reduced to just one click directly in 3Ds Max or Cinema 4D!

User's guide

1. AnimaManager allows you to:

  • Monitor the status of your render jobs
  • Install plugin for 3Ds Max / Cinema 4D, which allows you to start render in one click
  • Perform operations with balance
  • Download archive with results of render
  • Download render results in real-time and much more

2. AnimaPlugins

Here you can connect our plugins to your software and download the instructions of how to use the plugins.
If the path to the software is not specified, you can specify it manually
Also here you can update the plugins when the new versions released

3. Balance

On this page you can recharge your balance, activate promocode and monitor your payment and expenses history.

4. Your jobs

This page displays the status of your jobs. Here you can see the progress of the current jobs, download results, stop or resume the job.
You can check the logs of already completed tasks by clicking on the job.

5. Settings

In the settings you can enable and disable some functions of AnimaManager, change the language and change the folders to download the results and temporary files of the program.

Still have

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