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AnimaPlugin - our plugin which automatically assembles a scene and allows you to start rendering on our farm directly from Blender.

1. Our plugin is intended to automate sending tasks for rendering directly from Blender!

The plugin helps:

  • to identify missing assets in the scene;
  • to start render of the task;

By clicking on the "Download plugin" button on the "AnimaPlugins" tab, the manager will determine the location of your Blender and download our plugin to the desired folder.

The plugin requires running AnimaManager.

Select a temporary directory in AnimaManager for storing temporary files. A temporary directory is used to collect your scene and archive it. After sending the scene to render, the temporary folder is automatically cleared.

2. Access to plugin

To install the plugin, click in Blender Alt + Ctrl + U (or File->User Preferences) to open the User Preferences window. In the opened window on the Add-ons tab, click Install from file and choose the file.

3. Access to plugin

After downloading the plugin will appear in the Render add-ons group.

Tick the plugin to activate it

4. Access to plugin

After activaton the plugin will in scene render settings.

You can send the current scene both to render (Render with AnimaRender button) or to Demo-Render via the plugin (it works by pressing the Render with AnimaRender button with the ticked Demorender checkbox).

5. How plugin works

Plugin automatically activates the assembly of external files to a blend file.

6. How plugin works

After clicking the Render button:

  • The job name will be equivalent to the scene name
  • The frame range will be equal to the frame range in the render settings or, if you select Render Current Frame, one current frame will be specified in the render parameters.
  • If the scene finds links to non-existent external files, the list of the latter can be seen in the Blender console. If these files are not needed for the current scene, you can skip them by ticking Skip missings files.
7. The scene is sent to render

The scene is copied to a temporary folder in ANIMATMP environment variable that you specified in AnimaManager, after, AnimaManager archives the scene, sends it to our FTP and sets the task to render.

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