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AnimaPlugin - our plugin which automatically assembles a scene and allows you to start rendering on our farm directly from Cinema4D.

1. Our plugin is intended to automate sending tasks for rendering directly from Cinema 4D!

The plugin helps:

  • to identify missing assets in the scene;
  • to start render of the task;
  • to compose the results of render into video.

Click the button "Download plugin" on the "AnimaPlugins" tab in the Manager and it will determine your version of Cinema 4D and download our plugin to the desired folder.

2. Access to plugin

The plugin requires running AnimaManager. After installing the plugin, it appears in the Plugins tab in Cinema 4D:

3. Plugin Interface

The plugin has a clear and simple graphic interface.

There're several control elements:

  • 1. Select the plugin language.(Russian or English)
  • 2. The input field of the frame range for render. Enter here the number of the frame you want to render. If you want to renderseveral frames at once, enter "first frame number - last frame number". For example, 10-100.
  • 3. The button copies the range of frames from the render settings.
  • 4. Mark this checkbox to compose render results into video.
  • 5. The codec, format and quality settings that will be used when creating the video.
  • 6. Mark this checkbox to activate the demo.
  • 7. Click this button to send your scene to render.
4.1 The frame range is invalid

An error occurs if an invalid value is specified in the frame range input field. You will see the dialog box

Specify the valid frame range to fix this error.

4.2 You should run AnimaManager

An error occurs if you try to send a scene to render when AnimaManager is off. You will see the dialog box.

To fix the error, run AnimaManager.

4.3 The plugin couldn't connect to AnimaRender

An error occurs if the plugin is unable to connect to AnimaRender server. You will see the dialog box

Check the internet connection settings to fix the error. In addition, antivirus or firewall can block the connection.

4.4 Invalid login or password

An error occurs if incorrect authorization data is entered in AnimaManager. You will see the dialog box

To fix the error, run AnimaManager, go to the Settings tab and specify your login and password. Then click the "Accept" button.

4.5 Some assets are missing

An error occurs if there are missing assets in the scene. You will see the dialog box

To fix the error, restore all the missing files of the files.

5. The scene is sent to render

If the plugin successfully finishes its work, you will see the following dialog box, and your task will appear in AnimaManager. The Manager will upload your scene to our servers and launch the render

7. Demo render

Demorender is a free render of your scene for evaluating the correctness of the final image demorender allows you to find out the exact time of the render of the scene, its cost and the correctness of the final result (whether all textures are in place, noise level and so on).

Result of demorender is an image with a resolution of 640 on the wide side and with watermarks (the image is rendered in the original resolution, but the result is a low-resolution image with watermarks).

In case of animation, only the first, middle and last frame of the sequence are rendered.

You can purchase the result of demorender and get an image in the original resolution and without watermarks on your storage.

Only one task assigned to demorender can be rendered at a time, the rest will be in the queue.

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