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CPU render farm

AnimaRender farm supports rendering of computer graphics on graphics cards and processors, depending on the software package and renderer in which the 3D scene was created.

CPU rendering is the visualization of 3D models using software that uses the resources of the computer’s central processor for calculations. For fast rendering on CPU, it is important to use a modern multi-core processor or specialized servers that have 2 CPUs at once.

For the render CPU, our farm uses 250 Dual Xeon E5-2670 servers with RAM from 64 to 128 Gb. Thanks to support of HyperThreading technology, each server has 16 cores and 32 threads for fast CPU rendering.

The most popular software combinations on the CPU render farm is 3Ds Max with V-Ray and Corona Renderer, then goes Cinema 4D with Arnold or Corona. Less commonly, users choose our render farm for Maya Arnold, Houdini, Blender, or After Effects.

Making an online render with AnimaRender is quick and easy.

We offer 3 types of tariffs for users of the CPU render farm:

  • Demorender: free test render. You can run test render of several frames in your scene for free and get an image in a reduced resolution with watermarks to check the correctness of settings and the quality of the result. If everything is well, you can instantly buy the result in full resolution without watermarks at a fixed price or run a full render of the task if you have animation.
  • Standard render: base rate for all commercial and urgent projects. Your renders will be launched on the maximum available number of servers so that you get the result as quickly as possible.
  • Low-priority: this is a reduced-cost rendering option for non-urgent, small projects. The tariff is suitable for non-commercial projects or tasks without a clear deadline. After submitting a low-priority job it falls into the queue and rendering will be started when the load on the render farm is low.

Using a CPU render farm is fully justified for studios and individual 3D artists, due to the affordable price at maximum power and speed. You pay only for a guaranteed result, without additional commissions, subscriptions and hidden fees.

Professionals around the world are inclined to turn to specialized CPU render farms in order not to spend money on investments in their own equipment, organization of a server room, staff salaries, as well as hardware upgrades in the future. Make rendering online on a CPU render farm cheaper and faster!

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