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Easy start

AnimaRender render farm supports most of CPU and GPU software for 3D modelling. You can render your projects in 3Ds Max 2012-2018, Сinema 4D R15-R19, Maya 2016-2018, Blender 2.79, After Effects CC 2017, Houdini 16.0.600 , Octane and Redshift.
If you need some other software, contact us in the chat.
You can calculate cost and render time of your project and find out the render farm configuration in "Prices". We offer free tests for more accurate calculations - contact us to get more information.


CPU render
1. Create an account on our website and get $15 for your phone number confirmation and adding us in Skype

Right after registration you can use our render farm. Start rendering your projects in your personal account on the website or using our App.

2. In your personal account click “Start CPU render” or “Start GPU render”

For CPU render: select the software, upload the files of your scene to our FTP storage, fill in the scene settings and start rendering.
You can also use “Demorender” - a free render with watermarks which allows to check if all the scene settings are correct and get time and cost estimation.
For GPU render: contact us to request a server.

3. “Advanced mode”

Enable “Advanced mode” option to start rendering your jobs easier and faster. In advanced mode you get to scene settings menu, skipping all the previous steps.


GPU render

We provide access to our GPU servers via remote access software - TeamViewer

First, you upload the scene to our server using our File Manager (in your personal account) or FileZilla and then we give you access to remote desktop of our powerful servers.
Contact our technical support to request a GPU server. You can find more details about our GPU farm configuration here.


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