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GPU render farm

GPU render farm is a type of productive cluster for rendering computer graphics using mainly graphic card resources, rather than processor as in case of classic render farms. GPU rendering is a relatively young trend in the 3D industry and is associated with the simultaneous rapid development of GPU render engines such as Octane Render, Redshift and a significant increase in the performance of graphic cards in both the specialized and the mass segment.

Usually GPU render farms are a certain number of servers, each equipped with a large amount of RAM, two productive processors and several productive graphic cards.

For the GPU render on our render farm, you can use 3 types of servers:

  • 5x RTX 2080Ti - 1500 OctaneBench
  • 5x GTX 1080Ti - 925 OctaneBench
  • 8x GTX 1080 - 1150 OctaneBench

Make online render in Octane or Redshift with AnimaRender is quick and easy.

We offer several options for GPU rendering:

  • Automatic GPU render: setting the job through your account. You simply upload the archive with the project, select the necessary settings and click “render” - in a couple of minutes your project will already start rendering on the farm.
  • Automatic launch directly from the software: install AnimaManager and the plugin for 3Ds Max or Cinema 4D and you can run the render on the farm using Octane or Redshift in one click directly from the graphical application interface on your computer.

By choosing an automatic GPU render, you can also do a free rendering test. You can render several frames of your scene absolutely for free and get a picture in a reduced resolution with watermarks to check the settings are correct and the quality of the result. If all is well, the result in full resolution without watermarks can be purchased instantly at a fixed price or it will be continued as full render of your job, if you have animation.

  • Remote access: In order to start rendering, you connect to our GPU server via VNC Viewer and work as if on your computer, set the necessary settings, frame range and start the render yourself. In addition, you can also control the entire rendering process. When you first contact, we will give you 1 test hour for free, so that you can evaluate the convenience and speed of GPU rendering with us without costs and obligations.
  • Long-term rental: this is the most profitable type of rendering, most suitable for large projects. You can choose any of our GPU servers and rent it for any period of 3 days. New users are also provided by a free test hour.

GPU rendering on AnimaRender farm will save you a lot of time that you can spend to improve your skills or work on other projects, and in the case of a hard deadline, we will always try to give you the maximum capacity of our servers to be able to complete the project on time.

If you doubt the feasibility of using an online GPU farm, you are not sure how this suits you, you are struggle with calculating the costs - contact the support in the chat on the site right now and our staff will help you and offer to conduct free testing of the service.

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