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Rent 8x GTX1080 at most beneficial prices for rendering your projects for 3 days and more.

GPU rental
8 x GTX1080
1150 OctaneBench
  • 24/7 technical support
  • Preinstalled software
  • Remote access via TeamViewer/VNC
  • Unlimited space in storage
  • Free tests
  • Min. rental period -3 full days
  • $299 3 days
  • $479 a week
  • $1799 a month

I want free test

Want to rent a server? Follow this steps:

  1. Contact our technical support in the online chat on our site or in Skype and request access to 8x GTX 1080 server for rental. If you use the service for the first time, you can use the free test hour.
  2. You will get access to our GPU servers using remote access software - VNC / TeamViewer and start rendering as if you work on your own PC.
  3. In order to rent the server for some period of time, you should pay the full price before the start of rendering. Please note that our standard bonus policy does not apply to this service.
  4. In accordance with the provisions of the public offer agreement, no refund is provided after crediting money to the balance.
  5. Be sure to check with the technical support officer if you will continue to render your project when the rental s over but rendering is not fully completed (you can either extend the rental or render it on hourly basis).

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