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We've been rendering for a half-century!

And that's not a joke, as we have reached 500 000 render hours on our CPU farm. Don't google, it's about 57 years.
We are glad that our render farm is trusted with your projects and deadlines, which are considered the most valuable ones. And we are grateful to each of our clients.
In honor of this event, we announce the special offer:


Pay over $100 and get +57% bonus!
The offer is valid from 22/07/19 to 25/07/19
We have never had such a great offer!

Start 22.07

Our standard bonus policy is not valid for the duration the offer.

Special offers (not valid for the duration the offer)

In order to render on our farm, you need to purchase AnimaPoints, the internal currency of the farm, which you can spend on both the CPU and the GPU render.
There is a system of bonuses on our farm when you replenish the balance for the amount starting from $ 100. You can get up to 60% of bonus APs on the account, depending on the amount of replenishment.

Bonus Policies
+10% AP
+15% AP
+20% AP
+30% AP
+40% AP
+60% AP

The bonus for replenishment is valid for any amount from $ 100, for example, by replenishing the balance at $225 you will receive 225 AP + 22.5 AP bonus.
For your convenience, we have prepared pre-assembled packages of AnimaPoints, which you can purchase in 1 click:

Anima Points packages
Bonus 10%
Bonus 15%
Bonus 20%
Bonus 30%
Bonus 40%
Bonus 60%
Purchased AP are not refundable
  • If the balance becomes negative during the rendering of a job (up to -50 AP), the job won’t be stopped, but the results will be available only after the full payment.
  • If the balance becomes less than -50 AP during the rendering of a job, then rendering of all your current jobs will be stopped.

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