One of the reasons why 97% of users who have tried our service stay with forever is a free opportunity to make a test render for any kind of job, which is called Demorender. We are pleased to offer a free test of any scene in order to check the correctness of settings and render results as well as to get a more precise estimation of the render cost.

For all new users recommends to use the free Demorender to test the farm workflow and make sure to fit their expectations. Demorender will help all regular users to make sure that the final results will be 100% correct as well.

How to use Demorender?

Just mark the 'Demorender' checkbox while sending your project to render via website interface / AnimaManager app and your job will be sent to free test render.

How does it work?

Demorender can be launched for any type of job (static camera or animation), any type of rendering (CPU or GPU) and any software. We support free tests either for submitting jobs via the website or via our special AnimaManager application.

What result will I get after Demorender?

If 1 frame is sent to the render then it will be rendered in accordance with the settings and you will receive a free picture in a reduced resolution of 640 px on the large side with watermarks in order to estimate the correctness. At the same time a picture in full resolution without watermarks can be bought instantly and at exact price!

demorender sample

If you send a range of frames for rendering of animation (for example: 0-500), then the system will render 3 frames in full accordance with your settings (first, middle and last - 0,250,500) and you can see them with watermarks in reduced resolution. The farm will calculate the average frame time and make an approximate calculation of the cost of rendering the entire range of frames. You will be able to run a render of the full frame range if you are satisfied with the estimation results.

Demorender cost estimation

For a rough estimation of the cost of any job we suggest using our cost estimator. Unfortunately, there is no reliable way to accurately estimate the duration and therefore the cost of a render before making it completely.
With Demorender, if you have a single picture you get the opportunity to render the entire frame without risks and without paying and instantly purchase the result if the price suits you.

For animations the cost estimate using Demorender is approximate and under no circumstances can be considered as a guarantee of total cost, an offer of services at a fixed price etc.

Demorender limitations

Only 1 Demorender job per user can be launched at a time, but the total number of Demorenders per day, month is not limited. In some cases our algorithms may block or restrict the use of the free test render service on our farm in case of suspicious activity. For example if you regularly make dozens of Demorenders without buying out the results or replenishing your account balance.

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