CPU/GPU rendering prices

Animarender.com offers the best prices for online rendering.
We value transparency in pricing - no fees for uploading, downloading files, and storage. No commission for priorities. You always know what you pay for and how much.
Choose the best option for rendering your projects on our render farm:
Perfect solution for urgent projects, rendering on a large number of servers
No queues
No watermarks
Maximum servers
Dual Xeon 64-128 Gb RAM
$1.24 / NaNundefined
per server-hour

Threadripper 3970x 256 Gb RAM

Equally priced in respect of computing power difference
$4.95 / NaNundefined
per server-hour
For Blender Cycles for server-hour
Highest speed
AMD Ryzen Threadripper servers
No queues
No watermarks
Top speed
Threadripper 3970x 256 Gb RAM
$4.95 / NaNundefined
per server-hour
Low priority
Good option for a non-urgent project
Low cost
No watermarks
up to 5 servers
64 Gb RAM
$0.5 / NaNundefined
per server-hour
Fully automated process
No queues
You can buy the result
$0 / NaNundefined
per server-hour
Regular - fast rendering with the allocation of maximum available Dual Xeon/Theadripper servers
Power - the fastest type of rendering on the top-of-the-line Threadripper servers
Low priority - lower price rendering on the limited number of servers
Demorender - free test rendering (you get watermarked images in lower resolution)
  • Billing for graphics rendering services is carried out in the internal currency of AnimaPoints (AP).
    1 AP costs $1. You can purchase AnimaPoints in your personal account.
  • When buying a significant amount of AP, you will receive additional bonus units.
  • For every hour of CPU rendering on 1 server your account will be charged 1.24 AP for Regular render on Dual Xeon servers, 4.95 AP for Power render, and 0.5 AP for Low-Priority render.
  • Billing on the farm is per second (for example, for 40 minutes of CPU rendering in Regular mode on Dual Xeon servers 0.83 AP will be charged from your account or 3.3 AP in Power mode). Billing of animation is per frame and frames appear in File Manager as soon as they are ready.
  • If the balance becomes negative during the rendering of the job, the rendering will not stop, but you will be able to download the result only after full payment. If during the rendering of the job the account balance becomes less than -50 AP, then the rendering of all current render jobs will be stopped.
  • Please note that in accordance with the provisions of the Public Offer, no refund is provided for the purchase of AP units.
    We recommend using the free Demorender before submitting the full project.
  • All the uploaded files and render results will be automatically deleted in 14 days.

You can easily render your project on our farm:

Only the actual time of the server's work on your render job is charged, and the cost of render is based on a fixed rate
Maximum available servers are automatically allocated to speed up rendering and it doesn't affect the cost.
You can easily get a rough cost estimation of your project using our Cost estimator.

Please note that the Cost estimator can't calculate the exact cost of the render. The estimations are based only on a comparison of the power of your processor / graphics card and our servers, without taking into account the settings of your scene, peculiarities of the software and renderer used. We recommend using Demorender to get more accurate cost and render time estimation of your project.