Special offers and discounts

When a large project needs to be rendered or farm services are required constantly, it is important to get good pricing conditions and the highest possible discount. AnimaRender has a permanent bonus system that allows you to receive up to 60% additional funds.

Bonus policy

+10% AP

from $100 to $500

+20% AP

from $500 to $1000

+40% AP

from $1000 to $2500

+50% AP

from $2500 to $5000

+65% AP

from $5000 to $10000

+100% AP

from $10000

Our farm has an internal currency - AnimaPoints (AP)

All CPU and GPU rendering are billed in it. The cost of 1 AP is equal to 1 USD in the current exchange rate at the moment of purchase, if you fund your account in a currency other than the US dollar.

Bonuses are automatically granted to any top-up amount from $100 according to the specified ranges. For example if you top-up your account with $200 you will be credited with 200 AP + 20 AP (10%) = 220 AP

While estimating the cost of a project using our cost estimator we take into account the bonus program and indicate the amount of the required replenishment including bonuses.

It is important to keep in mind that the amount of bonuses depends on the amount of a one-time payment and the bonus system is not cumulative.
Even if you need render farm services for a relatively small amount and periodically it may be a good idea to replenish your account with a one-time $500 +, because this way you will immediately receive a significant amount of AP as a bonus and will be able to spend these funds profitably for yourself for several months.

Moreover we sometimes run special promotions and AP sales which are time-limited, where you can fund your account on the most favorable terms, which is why it is important to follow our newsletters, social networks or news on the website.

AnimaPoints do not burn out over time and are valid indefinitely. APs are not refundable due to company policy: we strongly recommend registering and making a free Demorender for testing the quality of services provided, speed of rendering and compatibility with your software before making payments.