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About us

AnimaRender is an online render farm with 24/7 technical support. 24 hours a day, without holidays and weekends, we are ready to help you with the rendering of your projects of any complexity. Our service combines CPU and GPU power, which allows us to provide render farm services for the entire spectrum of the most popular software.

Our GPU render farm supports Octane,a Redshift , and other renderers. 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, Houdini, After Effects with V-Ray, Corona, Arnold and other software can be rendered on our main render farm with CPU servers.

Render farm specs

The CPU render farm consists of 250 Dual Xeon E5-2670 servers with 64 / 128Gb RAM.

GPU render farm includes the following types of servers:

  • 5хGTX 1080Ti 925 OctaneBench
  • 5хRTX 2080Ti c 1500 OctaneBench.

Our data center uses high-performance data storage systems and we do not limit users in the volumes of uploaded, processed and downloaded materials. However, it should be kept in mind that the results of the render will be deleted from your folder on the farm 10 working days after the end of the render.

The upstream of the render farm is 2 Gbps.

Why us?

Clients from all over the world trust us to render their projects for a variety of reasons:

  • Good prices and transparent bonus program
  • Top power for high rendering speed
  • Qualified round-the-clock technical support
  • Full workflow automation with own software
  • High data security standards, NDA for each project
  • No queues
  • A wide range of supported 3D software

How much it costs and how the price is determined

We offer competitive prices for online rendering, which are very transparent: on AnimaRender farm we charge only for the actual server usage time for rendering your job, without additional fees and commissions for priorities, more servers, data storage and uploading/downloading.

The price of CPU rendering on the render farm is based on the rate of $ 1.24 per hour of usage of one server. For example, if your task was rendered by 10 servers for one hour, the cost would be $ 12.4.

Projects in Blender will be rendered at fix $0.5 per server-hour tariff.

The price of GPU rendering depends on the type of server (its performance) and slightly varies in different configurations. We offer GPU rendering service in 3 types: 1) automated rendering of your scene on the maximum number of free GPU servers with per-minute billing 2) full access to a remote server with per-minute billing 3) rental of GPU servers for rendering for a long time from 3 days on the most favorable rates.

Knowing the approximate render time of the image on your computer, you can use our price estimator to calculate the approximate cost of rendering your project.

We point your attention to the fact that the price estimator cannot calculate the exact cost of rendering, since it does not take into account the settings of a particular scene and the features of software and renderer used in the project. The calculation is based only on a comparison of the power of your processor /graphics card and our servers. Therefore, if you want to know a more accurate cost, we might recommend that you first run a free test - demorender.


Each client using our service can save money on rendering using our bonus program.

How it works?

The bonus program works when you recharge your account for any amount over $100. Depending on the size of the payment, you will receive a certain percentage of this payment in bonus AnimaPoints.

Example: Your payment: $250
Your bonus: 25 AP
Balance: 275 AP

In addition, we periodically arrange various promo offers. Stay tuned for updates to our blog, social networks, AnimaManager, etc.

Want to keep up with the most important farm news? Do not forget to enable notifications in your account in the “Settings” section.

What to begin with

In order to render a project on our render farm you need to:

  1. Sign up
  2. Log in to your account / or install AnimaManager and the plugin for your software
  3. Click “Start Render” if you work in your personal account. Or check the instructions in AnimaManager
  4. Prepare a project according to the instructions
  5. Upload the project
  6. Select all necessary settings
  7. Click “Start Render”

After registration on our farm, you are in demo mode and you can use only demo render - a free test. As a result of the demo render, you will get an image or three frames from the animation (the first, middle and the last frame from the frame range you specified, for example, 0-100) with watermarks and in a reduced resolution (640 on the wide side). Besides the fact that you can check the correctness of the result, you will also find out the time and cost of your render, and buy out an image or start rendering the full animation in just one click.

In order to exit the demo mode, you need to buy at least 5 AP.

After registration, you can also receive bonus 15 AP: 5 immediately after registration, 5 for confirming the phone number and 5 for adding to our chat in Skype. Thus, after exiting the demo mode, your account may immediately have 20 AP that you can spend on rendering.

Read more about how to start rendering on the “Easy Start” page.

AnimaManager and how it works

Working in 3Ds Max, C4D, Maya or Blender?
We know how to simplify your workflow with the farm!

Just download the app, install the plugin for your 3D software and run your first render on the render farm directly from the 3Ds Max, C4D, Maya, Blender interface.

Advantages of working with AnimaManager:

  • no need to spend time on preparing and uploading projects to the farm - our plugin will collect all the assets of your project and send the project to the farm in just 1 click
  • no need to download ready-made results - specify in the AnimaManager settings a folder on your PC to download the results and all files will be automatically downloaded to it upon completion of rendering
  • monitor the progress of tasks, stop or restart them in the application
  • recharge your account, activate promo codes directly in the application

Technical support

A distinctive feature of AnimaRender is its highly qualified technical support, which can be contacted 24/7 in online chat.

Technical specialists work 7 days a week and will always help you figure out any questions about working with a render farm.

If you have questions, you can also see how to get started and general information about the render in the relevant sections.


You can pay for the service by any of the following methods:

  • Visa / MasterCard
  • PayPal

Questions and suggestions

Write to us if you have questions about the service or suggestions for improving it.

Still have


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