Online rendering

What’s the use of online rendering on a render farm?

In computer graphics, the term “rendering” is understood to be computer calculations based on a 3D model with the use of specialized software for working with graphics. The result of such calculations is the production of frames for further processing. In the case of animation rendering, there are many such images, and they can be assembled in the video sequence further on.

Rendering is one of the last, but important stages, since the model visualization is very demanding on the computing resources and the process itself takes quite a long time.
After a 3D specialist has finished all the edits in the 3D scene and starts the final rendering, within seconds the load on the computer reaches 100% and the entire rendering process with modern resolutions of Full HD, 4K, 8K can take from several minutes to several days per frame. While the computer is rendering, it cannot be used for any other purposes: firstly, the rendering task occupies all resources, and secondly, any extra load may cause the rendering to fail, in this case, the task will need to be restarted.

render image
render image

Almost every 3D artist, sooner or later, faces such situation when the resources of the workstation or even several servers are not enough for rendering to be finished on time or at least in a reasonable time frame. It’s very uncomfortable to wait at the computer for the result for hours or even days, and there are render farms, such as AnimaRender, willing to help the 3D artist.

The best way out of this situation is to use an online service for computer graphics rendering, allowing you to almost instantly engage the computing power of dozens or even hundreds of remote servers to render your models.

A render farm is a specialized software and hardware complex with lots of servers, data storage systems and a high-speed Internet connection set for maximum performance in the rendering of client scenes. Anyone can register on the AnimaRender render farm, read the short guide and in a few minutes make a free test render on the farm or immediately start full time render with the necessary settings.

render image

The principal difference between computer graphics processing services is based on two types of rendering: GPU render farms that support rendering utilizing the software that uses video card resources, and CPU render farms which, accordingly, can perform visualization using software that involves processors in calculations.

AnimaRender combines in its infrastructure both computing powers with a large number of modern video cards for GPU rendering and 250 dual-processor servers for CPU rendering. In that way, we can help you visualize your project on a render farm, whether or not you need rendering in 3ds Max, Maya, Cinema 4D, V-Ray, Corona, Octane, Redshift, or any other software.

Despite common opinion, rendering on a render farm is very affordable and in many cases significantly more profitable than a long-term rental or to buy own additional equipment.
On AnimaRender users pay only for the actual time used by the servers to calculate the graphics.

Without any extra charges or fees for customer service, idle time, data storage, Internet connection, etc. You can use a free test render or a price estimator to calculate the approximate cost of rendering a project on AnimaRender.

For freelancers, small and medium-sized studios, there is no doubt that online rendering is an ideal solution for the projects in tight deadline conditions. However, it’s not too costly, because payment is taken to the nearest second only for a positive result of the productive rendering. If an error occurred, the server was idle, or there was a server failure – it won’t affect the costs. Meanwhile, we offer more than 250 servers, which is enough even for heavy rendering tasks.

Why would you buy expensive workstations if the online rendering with is not only faster but also cheaper? Try it for free today – we give $15 as a gift to all new customers and provide the opportunity to make free test renders.