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Online rendering

Almost every 3d artist sooner or later faces a situation where the resources of his workstation or even several servers, if he works in the studio, are clearly not enough for the rendering to be done on time or at least in a reasonable amount of time.

As a rule, in such situations there is not enough time to find a solution - nevertheless, the production of visual content is a matter of hard deadlines, and violation of deadlines can not only destroy the reputation, but also lead to losses due to penalties.

The best way out in this situation would be to use an online service for rendering computer graphics, which will almost instantly use the computing power of dozens and even hundreds of remote servers to render your models.

Online rendering usually means using two types of services over the Internet to render three-dimensional models:

  1. Render farms are specialized computing clusters with pre-installed graphics software. Your project will be uploaded to a remote data center (possibly even in another country or part of the world), processed on a large number of servers and you will receive ready-made frames back. This service is Animarender.com and it offers a wide range of servers and software so that you always get a high-quality result in a short time.
  2. Cloud services are huge networks of powerful data centers such as Google Cloud or Microsoft Azure, which provide the opportunity to rent a virtual infrastructure and deploy any services on its basis. In our case, you can rent 5-10-100 or more servers in the cloud and set them the task of rendering our project.

The problem is that setting up the infrastructure in the cloud requires certain professional knowledge, and renting is quite expensive (if you are not Disney) and is charged every minute, regardless of whether the rendering is in progress or the servers are idle.

For freelancers, small and medium-sized studios, without a doubt, online rendering on one of the render farms will be much preferable, because the amount will be charged accurate to the second and only for a correct result of a productive rendering. If an error or a server downtime occurs, this will not affect you in terms of costs. Online farms can offer an average of 200-500 servers for processing graphics, which is enough even for complex tasks.

Online rendering using modern services looks simple and intuitive. The user needs to go through a short registration, install special software (for example, AnimaManager) for starting rendering, add funds to the account and submit a new job. Your data will be automatically transferred via the Internet to the farm, they will be rendered on a large number of servers and the completed images will be sent back to your computer.

Why buy powerful but expensive workstations if online rendering with Animarender.com is not only faster, but also cheaper? Try it for free today: get $15 as a gift to all new customers.

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