3ds Max

3ds Max render farm

3ds Max is a professional 3D computer graphics program for making 3D animations, models, games and images developed and produced by Autodesk Media and Entertainment.
The product’s features include a wide range of tools for modeling three-dimensional objects of various forms and complexity, the particle system, the physics calculation mechanism, the MAXScript script architecture and wide possibilities for connection of external plug-ins for the software and various renderers.
Render Engine Version
≤ 2017
Corona 7 hotfix 1
Corona 8 hotfix 1
Corona 9 hotfix 3
Corona 10 hotfix 1
Corona 11
MAXtoA 1.2.926
MAXtoA 3.0.82
Mental Ray
Octane 2023.1 - 14.03
Redshift 3.5.24
V-Ray 3.6
V-Ray 6.20.03
Plugin Version
≤ 2017
Atiles PRO 2.62
AutoGrass 1.50
AutoHedge 1.00
AXYZ Anima 5.2.0
Bercon Maps
CityTraffic 2.0.33
CityTraffic 2.0.38
CityTraffic 2.0.39
Cloth Deform 1.0
Color Correct 3.4
Complex Fresnel 1.0.9
Complex Fresnel 1.1.0
Complex Fresnel 1.1.1
Complex Fresnel 1.1.2
Floor Generator 2.10
FloorGen Tools 1.5.1
Forest Pack Pro 8.2.2
Frost 2.2.2
FumeFX 5.0.7
FumeFX 6.0.3
Furniture Panels
Houdini Ocean
MadCar 3.067
MadCar 3.068
MadCar 3.069
MultiScatter 1.615
MultiScatter 1.627
MultiScatter 1.630
Ornatrix 6.2.0
Ornatrix 7.4.0
Phoenix FD 4.20
Phoenix FD 5.20
Proxy Textures 1.05
Quad Chamfer 1.16
RailClonePro 3.3.1
RayFire 1.81
RayFire 1.87
Siger Noise
Siger Scratches
SmoothBoolean 2.0
Solidrocks 2.4.1
SplineLand 1.052
SplineLand 1.053
SplineLand 1.054
Substance 2.4.2
Thin Film
tyFlow 1.028
VRayPattern 1.086
We support almost all popular CPU and GPU renderers and plugins for 3ds Max: 3ds Max Corona, 3ds Max VRay, 3ds Max Arnold, 3ds Max Redshift, 3ds Max Octane. If you can’t find the required software on the list, contact us to discuss the possibility of installation.

For CPU rendering in 3ds Max, we offer Threadripper/Dual Xeon 64-256 Gb RAM servers for rendering projects of any complexity in the shortest possible time.
For GPU render in 3ds Max (Octane, Redshift, etc.) AnimaRender offers servers with RTX 3070Ti, RTX 2080Ti and GTX 1080Ti graphics cards for the fastest rendering of your projects.

You can start rendering your projects on AnimaRender farm directly from 3ds Max, using our application. The plugin developed by us automatically assembles the scene and allows you to send jobs from the software to our farm by one click.

If you have questions on how to get started with the render farm, price and configuration of the servers and about the CPU or GPU render in general - contact us, our support officers will gladly help you.