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250x CPU Dual Xeon E5-2670 | $1.24 3x nodes 6x GTX 1080 | $12.1 Wide list of supported 3d software and 2Gbps upstream 24/7 personal manager and support

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Fast cloud rendering at low cost | 500 times faster than Intel i7

CPU rendering servers

- Dual Xeon E5-2670 - RAM 64 Gb - 16 cores per node - $1.24 per hour

GPU rendering servers

- 6x GeForce GTX 1080 - 8Gb GDDR5X RAM - Dual Xeon E5-2670 - RAM 64 Gb - $12.10 per hour

Render manager software

3Ds Max | Cinema 4D | After Effects | Blender | Houdini

Easy render in one click from modelling software

Automatic asset collection

Automatic archiving


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15$ free trial

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Personal project manager

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Supported software

3DsMax 2017

3Ds Max 2012 - 2017


Maya 2016 - 2017

Cinema 4D

C4D R17 + R18


Blender 2.78

After Effects

After Effects CC 2015


Houdini 16.0.600


Octane 3.04


Redshift 2.5.24







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Rendering examples

Example 1

Interior render in 3Ds Max

Home PC
  • 3ds Max 2016 and Corona 1.4
  • Intel Core-i7 4960X
  • 1500x2000
  • 2 hours 8 minutes 21 seconds
  • 3ds Max 2016 and Corona 1.4
  • Intel Dual XEON E5-2670
  • 1500x2000
  • 9 minutes 23 seconds
Price - 1.98$
Example 2

Cinema4D Benchmark

Home PC
  • Cinema4D Benchmark
  • Intel Core-i7 4770K
  • 898x640
  • 33 seconds
  • Cinema4D Benchmark
  • Intel Dual XEON E5-2670
  • 898x640
  • 23 seconds
Price - 0.002$

How to use our render farm

Video instructions for AnimaRender and AnimaManager 3D rendering services

Video thumb
How to use AnimaRender
Video thumb
How to use AnimaManager

Scene preparation

Before you start rendering a scene, it is necessary to prepare. Please, read our instructions and prepare the scene in accordance with the specified requirements. If you have any technical issues, our support will always help you.

Render cost

Individual offers for large-scale projects:

Please contact your manager at Skype: or Email:

per server/hour

After considering several models we have decided to make our pricing as crystal clear as possible. We have thrown away Ghz-hour as those units hardly indicate the real speed. Modern I7 might have less Ghz than some older generation dual Xeon something but render a way faster

We offer CPU passmark based system where 1 server unit is equal to 18 700 passmark points computing power (appriximately equal to Dual Xeon E5-2670 + 64 GB RAM). This basic unit costs $1.24.

Clients review

Feedback Sasha

Here is the situation. While my motherboard (from the rendering PC) travels across Ukraine for the second month, and I do not know will anyone repair it or not, I tried several renderfarm. AnimaRender, as they call themselves, found me and offered participation in the tests. My opinion of them? - The price is adequate (no unknown takeoff prices as some farms have in almost the same tasks). - Quickly work in terms of programming and improving the software for their system. - You can feel that they appreciate each of their client. - In my opinion they are cyborgs, and never sleep, even if they do - they dreamed about boxes with xenon. P.S. Now honestly, I do not like praising, I wanted to write something negative, thought for long, nothing comes to mind) - In general – do staff, they will render :)

Alexander Doskach / 3D Artist
Feedback Maxim

Hello ! Thank you for your service, using your services made me just fell in love from the first task, everything was so fast and easy I'm thrilled !!! Before that I used the services of different renderfarm, including the famous REBUSfarm, but somewhere the price is not satisfying, somewhere the server capacity is bad or there is irritating system task prioritization, depending on the tariff plan. Very pleased with the ease of use, everything is as simple as possible, from the preparation stage to the placing of the task to render, nice price and a flexible system of discounts leave only positive emotions, tech support guys solving any issues really asap, they are professionals in their field! Now I do not worry about failing my project in time, because the rendering takes a few minutes. I am very happy ;) Thank you !!!

Maxsim Goriachev / 3D Artist
Feedback Masha

I finally pulled myself together and tried to work with a render farm. It turned out that my past experience isn’t experience at all =) It's so easy, fast and simple to download a scene straight out of a working file! And most importantly, plugin, so smart, it removes the temporary file, checks all the pathes. A tech support – they are just a Christmas elves =) For me as a girl, it was easy and pleasant to work with them :)) Dear Anima Render team! I am grateful to you appearing suddenlly on the horizon, for the fact that you answered all the questions fast and competently. Thank you for not giving me up in a difficult moment for the young wieser =) Thank you for watching over my tasks and informed about all my mistakes. You are beautiful!

Mariya Chernukha / 3D Artist

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